Research Area

The aim of our laboratory is to challenge various hot topics in frontier of computer science which are interesting and important from both the theoretical and the practical point of view. Emphasis is put on the fundamental aspects of computer science which is indispensable for future applications but difficult to be studied at private companies which persue immediate profits. Our main research activities may be classified into the following two categories:

I. Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

II. Design And Analysis of Algorithms,

I. Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Machine-readable documents are easily available through internet nowadays. Our research is focused on developing information access technologies e.g., text summarization and information retrieval, to retrieve and utilize such machine-readable documents (corpus) by using natural language processing. Now our emphasis is placed on text mining and the user-forcused information access technologies.

[Some selected Topics]

・ Summarization

・ Information retrieval over corpus using natural language processing

・ Anaphora resolution

・ Analysis and knowlede acquisition from patent documents

・ Text mining and knowledge acquisition from large corpora, Web sites, SNS and Wikipedia

II. Design And Analysis of Algorithms

One of our research topic is design and analysis of algorithms on mainly graph and network theory, combinatorial optimization and their applications to e.g., communication networks. Recently, massively parallel computers are available, and a large number of computers are connected via internet. To help fully utilize such computing environment, now our emphasis is placed on design and analysis of parallel and distributed algorithms.

[Some selected Topics]

・ Graph and network theory and their applications

・ Combinatorial optimization and their applications

・ Parallel and distributed algorithms

・Analysis of AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) systems

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